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Feral's values are the driving force behind this project. We are an artist-run collective committed to providing safe, inclusive and respectful spaces for expression, connection and collaboration. For more information on our current initiatives, see: 



Feral is a safe and open space for you to explore your imagination, creativity, and expression. We have created a code of conduct to guide our actions as we interact with one another in order to protect this space for everyone. All of our guests are required to agree to this code in order to attend the festival. Feral is a community project that we create together as organizers, staff, volunteers, artists, and guests. We are all responsible for our own actions and our impact on others. If anyone at the festival is making you feel unsafe, threatened, or disrespected, please do not hesitate to let any member of our team know. Every Feral team member, artist, performer and volunteer must agree to a code of conduct and every member of our team is trained to respond to these situations. There is zero tolerance at any of our events for violence, threats, or abusive behavior. Actions of this nature will be met with immediate expulsion from the event. 

For the guest Code of Conduct, see: 

For artist and staff policies, see: 



Harm Reduction is a non-judgmental approach focused on enhancing skills, knowledge, resources and support in order to help people live healthier and safer lives.  A harm reduction approach emphasizes safer partying, active consent, and looking out for one another. We are collectively responsible for our safety and the safety of others. In order to create a safe and supportive environment for expression and connection, it is essential that all members of our community are equipped with the right tools to make healthy choices for themselves. A Harm Reduction approach is built on the understanding that education is the foundation of empowerment. As such, we have included some helpful resources for you to educate yourself on harm reduction strategies here and at the festival.  Feral will provide a 24-hour staffed harm reduction station, including trained staff and volunteers available to provide information, harm reduction supplies, and assistance to any participants or attendees in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental manner.

For more resources on harm reduction, see:

For our harm reduction and safety policy:



Feral was imagined as a space to gather as an artistic community, where expression is fully unhindered and each individual is celebrated for that which makes them unique. We are committed to creating this space by working towards embodying  the diversity of our community in every aspect of our programming. We believe that our diversity is our greatest strength and our best asset. 

Feral’s approach to equity is rooted in the knowledge that our festival is situated on the unceded traditional lands of the Ktunaxa. Our ability to gather on this land is enabled through structures of violence, colonialism, and subjugation which stretch over generations. These structures have created tangible barriers to inclusion that affect not only Canada's First Peoples, but also all other marginalized communities. Feral's Equity policy is our way of addressing these barriers and taking steps to dismantle them. 

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Feral Music & Arts Festival is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and inspiring experience for all attendees and participants. We welcome attendees and participants with disabilities and will have specifically trained volunteers and staff available to provide assistance to individuals with disabilities.

Feral is putting the following policies in place in order improve accessibility for all our attendees and participants: 



  • Descriptive alt text on all social media posts detailing the image and any embedded text in order to improve accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. 

  • Proper alt text for all images on our website, appropriately labelled forms and descriptive links in order to assist interfacing with screen readers. Keyboard-only accessibility is optimized for those unable to use a mouse or touchpad. The website is free of non-consensual sound and any dynamic content that may hinder the ability of an individual using accessibility tools to interact with the website

On site:

  • Feral will work with our venues and festival site to maximize accessibility at every opportunity. People with disabilities can request special camping permits to allow easier access to the stages and amenities of the festival. Service animals are welcome at all our events. If a person with disabilities requires a support person, that person will be admitted to the festival or event free of charge. Outdoor dance floors and pathways will be groomed to the best of our ability to provide access to people with mobility impairments. 


Staffing and training:


  • Volunteers and staff will be trained in this policy and given access to other resources for further education. Specific volunteers will be trained to offer support to people with disabilities and will be available on site at the festival to assist with access and navigating resources on site.



We are guests of the Four Nations who have occupied this land for countless generations: the Sinixt, the Ktunaxa, the Secwepmec and the Syilx. We ask that all our guests treat our site with respect and take responsibility for their impact on the lands we are honored to gather on. Some ways you can help us take care of the land include: 


  • Leave no trace:  Everyone is responsible for leaving their campsite as pristine as they found it. Our site is equipped with garbage, recycling, and compost bins. Come prepared with coloured bags to keep your waste sorted and dispose of it in the appropriate bin. Please bring durable camping gear that will last you longer than the weekend and take it with you when you leave - the longer you keep it, the more memories it can hold! 

  • Bring a water bottle: There will be plenty of refill stations available on site! If you wish to have easy access to water at your campsite, consider bringing a larger water jug for quick home base refills. There will be no single use water bottles sold at Feral and we ask that you not bring any with you.

  • Carpool & stay put: Less traffic on site makes for a better, safer experience for everyone. We know many of you will be travelling far to join us for the festival, and we're excited to share our beautiful site with you. We also recognize that the impact of our wonderful community traveling across the country to gather at festivals throughout the summer is not negligible. Carpooling is one way we can start to mitigate this impact. In order to reduce noise, traffic, and unnecessary trips, there will be a $30 fee for re-entry if you chose to take your vehicle off festival grounds during the event. 

Our part: 

  • Environmental teams: Feral will provide dedicated environmental teams to ensure all garbage is properly sorted and disposed of during and after the festival and that the site remains clean and healthy for years to come. 

  • Recycled materials: Wherever possible, we will use recycled and scrap materials for our stage and site builds. 

  • Limiting single-use items: We will make every effort to use as few single use items as possible. There will be large-format schedules displayed on the grounds and a digital version will be made available before the event - no paper schedules will be provided, so please plan accordingly. There will be no single-use water bottles available on site. We encourage our vendors to use washable or recycled/biodegradable dishware. 



This is a continuously evolving process and we are open to any feedback, recommendations, or requests that will make Feral and all our events more welcoming, accessible, and joyful for all participants. Please contact us at info@feralmusicfestival.com with any inquiries.